Hi, I’m Rebecca. Ever since I can remember reading and literature have been absolute passions of mine which I can immerse myself in for many hours of the day, as I am fascinated by the way that simple ideas from the imagination of writers can evolve into such wondrous stories and say so much about society and life in general. I am therefore studying English Literature as one of my A-level subjects and intend to further my studies of the subject at University. I decided to start this blog to share the love that I have for the world of fiction by ‘shining a light’ as it were on the books that I have read, what I thought of them and what they meant to me. I hope that with this blog I am able to provide inspiration for reading material to fellow avid readers, and would also love to hear your thoughts on any of the books I talk about and any recommendations you have for me too!


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  1. Hi Rebecca! I just found your blog by accident and I think it’s fantastic 🙂 I’m just starting doing book reviews on mine and I loved even doing it once. Definitely going to be looking at your recommendations 🙂

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